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Locate heirs in Ireland for American Estates

We have more than 25 years experience in locating heirs in Ireland and the rest of the world for American Estates.  We work in close co-operation with several American genealogy research firms.

When someone dies intestate in the USA , we are able to establish their ancestors and then work forwards to locate living heirs.  We have located heirs in Ireland, Great Britain, New Zealand, Australia and Europe.

We have also researched heirs where there is a will and also located heirs for individuals who have died in Ireland.  We will respond immediate to your request for co-operation, and can commence research with simply a name and date of death.

We collect birth, baptism, marriage and death certificates; we have these apostilled (authenticated) by the relevant authorities, so that they may be used in the appropriate American Court.

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We supply detailed documentation including:

Locate heirs

Full Family Tree

BMD Certificates

Full Genealogy Report

Contact heirs

Apostille of Documents

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Based in the West of Ireland

Easy access to Northern Ireland and Great Britain

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